I'm a journalist, writer and editor. I'm the international managing editor at LinkedIn, based in London. Formerly a journalist at Le Figaro, The New York Times International Weekly, The Cambodia Daily, The Santa Cruz Sentinel and The Columbia Missourian. Grateful Missouri School of Journalism graduate, class of '08.

As an expat most of my adult life, I feel at home everywhere and nowhere. Places I've called home include Montclair, New Jersey; Columbia, Missouri; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Sydney, Australia; Paris and many other parts of my native France. I proudly carry a European passport, but have spent the past 15 years slowly Americanizing through university and countless trips. For the full story of my career, check me out on LinkedIn

If you too are a curious one, my tagline is from this scene in François Truffaut's Jules and Jim. I like to believe it was written for me. 


Most photos on this site are mine. The best ones are by my brother, François Roughol, whose work can be viewed and purchased here

On the landing image: My trusty notebook is by Hands Head Heart, Marrickville, NSW. The desk was sourced by Drunk on the Moon, Newtown, NSW.