Why Spotlight's Oscar Win Matters

Excerpted from today's Daily Pulse column. Read the full post on Linkedin

And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to... Spotlight. To an industry that has lost nearly half its jobs in the 15 years since the events of Spotlight took place, the film, with its exact depiction of newspapers' best impact and quirky culture, is a rallying call. Its successes with audiences and critics – it also won best screenplay – is a validation and a vindication. (Believe me, my social feeds are exploding with cheering journos.) Watch it. And if it inspires you to go support your local newsroom and become a subscriber, don't let me stop you.  



The reduction in US newspaper jobs (including online properties) in 2014 alone, according to the American Society of Newspaper Editors. That's the worst decline since the recession of 2008, despite having the best US economy in a decade.