I build smart, sustainable, public interest newsrooms where people love to work

I work at the intersection of tech and media, editorial and product, entrepreneurialism and management. I am driven to transform our industry for the future, develop and mentor our people, build compassionate and innovative organisational cultures, and put readers and communities at the centre of it all. I love strategy and leadership, and I also still love to get my hands dirty, write, edit and create podcasts.

My career has been about building bridges between countries and industries. I nerd out on deconstructing systems and translating between worlds that don’t understand one another, which is really just an extension of my first love as a foreign reporter. I believe that borders are gateways, not walls. I believe that truth is the most precious gift you can give and the foundation of liberty and equity. I believe in public interest journalism that fosters healthy societies, and I believe that can't happen without first building healthy newsrooms where people love to work and aren't scared of the future. That's what I strive to do.