This site does not track you

There's plenty of free software out there for independent creators. It's free because it's usually monetised with your data. I do my best to use software that respects the privacy of my readers and also that supports fellow small businesses, even though it comes at a higher cost.

This site is built and hosted on Ghost, a not-for-profit, open-source publishing platform. I do get data on email opening rates and how active individual members are. The design is modified from the Krabi template by the excellent Ahmad Ajmi over at Aspire Themes. For website analytics, I use Plausible, a tool that does not record personal data or use cookies. It helps me know what's popular on aggregate. Comments are open to members only and powered by CommentBox, also a no-tracking system. The podcast is hosted on Transistor.

If you're signed up for the newsletter, I hold your email address and sometimes name within Ghost. If you're a paying member, your financial information is held by Stripe. I'm not a privacy expert but I do my best. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.