"It always starts with a map and a glass of whisky"

How to become an explorer, with Reza Pakravan

Isabelle Roughol
Isabelle Roughol

An American friend texted me recently to share his joy at discovering a new French word. I hadn't realized that it doesn't translate until he pointed it out. The word is dépaysement. It's something like the jarring yet pleasing sensation that you get from being outside of your own country, especially if it looks exotic and breaks you out of your routine. It's about marveling at the smallest things, the most mundane encounters, because they are new and enchanting to you. It's the opposite of homesickness.

We haven’t felt much of it this year, but for my last podcast episode of 2020, I wanted to bring you what of it I could. I called up Reza Pakravan, host of "The World's Most Dangerous Borders”, a new series on Amazon Prime, for which he traveled uninterrupted the width of Africa. Dépaysement galore.

Reza has every kid’s dream job title — explorer. A few years ago, he left a lucrative career in finance to reconnect with his own childhood dream. We discussed the concrete steps he took to make a fantasy job his actual career, so there’s inspiration within even for those who don’t have a hunger for the road. (Are there any here?)

Like all of us, Reza had to stay in place in 2020, so he used the time to bond with his newborn son and plan future adventures. “Seeing the unknown definitely is the thrill, but the whole thing is a thrill for me,” he said. Research can be its own form of traveling, and it comes with a ritual: “It always starts with a map and a glass of whisky.”

What better way for us too to pass this hard winter than to open a map, pour ourselves a glass and start imagining the future. Where will you go?

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