Borderline, a podcast about lives lived across borders

Borderline is a podcast for defiant global citizens, with 50+ in-depth interviews exploring lives lived across borders, immigration, globalisation, geopolitics and more. Comes with the occasional essays and newsletter. Past guests include Jose Antonio Vargas, Amelia Gentleman, Ian Bremmer, Dina Nayeri, Wade Davis, Qian Julie Wang, Felix Marquardt, Ian Dunt, Geoffrey Cain and many more.

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Borderline's values


Borderline is a journalistic endeavour committed to accuracy and fairness. My work has no partisan agenda, but it has a worldview. Objectivity is a method I adhere to, not a destination. I won’t always be neutral, but I strive to be intellectually honest, to question my assumptions and to practice doubt systematically. I'd rather be upfront about my potential biases than pretend I'm a machine. Here are a few: I'm an immigrant, I'm a feminist, I'm a liberal in the original sense (freedom is my fundamental value) and Brexit has seriously complicated my life. Committing to truth means embracing nuance and resisting outrage, but journalism cannot be devoid of morals. When the world and its leaders go bonkers, when we abandon reason or compassion, I say so.


The best reward of a global life is the discovery of new cultures. It’s finding out there are other ways to do the big and small things you never questioned, whether that’s peeling fruit or raising a family. It’s in this spirit of wonder I approach life and journalism. I strive to apply the same open mind and wide-eyed curiosity to Borderline. Come explore with me.


Living abroad requires kindness for yourself and for others in those lost-in-translation moments. So does participating in the public conversation. The internet is full of anger and outrage; I will not pile on. Even as we ask for compassion for immigrants and other citizens of the world, we extend it to Borderline sources, members and to all who may or may not agree with us.

Some policies

On editing
Sadly, our media economy no longer supports the staff sizes it takes to have multiple sets of eyes on every bit of copy. That’s the only way to get nearly-always bullet-proof copy down to the middle name of the dog. I do my absolute best and take accuracy very seriously, but this is a one-woman operation. If you spot any typos or errors or if you feel I’ve fallen short of standards, please reach out with kindness and I will correct where appropriate without delay.

On commenting and community
Commenting on this site is restricted to paying members. On social media, I apply the block and delete buttons liberally against those who derail the conversation with spam or irrelevant comments, who spread misinformation or who abuse me or my followers. I support the freedom of expression of all, especially those who are too often cowed into silence by others who cannot behave in community.