Leadership & culture

Good journalism is a team sport, even if we tend to only byline the reporter. I want to help build collaborative newsrooms that truly listen to the public, value all contributions and reward those who are generous with their knowledge. We have too many stories of toxic culture in our industry. No brilliant jerks tolerated here.

My proudest achievement is the joyful and high-performing team I was able to build at LinkedIn. My greatest reward is their continued trust and friendship long after I've stopped being their boss.

  • Hired and led a multi-level team of 30+ journalists in hypergrowth mode to support the development of LinkedIn News across four continents
  • Built a high-performing and collaborative team culture and consistently received high marks in anonymous employee feedback surveys
  • Managed diverse, cross-cultural newsrooms with personal experience working in the US, UK, Australia, Cambodia and France, and remote management experience with India, China, Brazil, Germany, Japan...
  • Coached media executives in leadership, change management and organisational design
  • Serve as management & culture lead on the board of the Public Interest News Foundation, a charity supporting independent news outlets serving the public good and the first to establish journalism as a charitable goal recognised by the UK government