Strategy, product & audience

  • Devised and executed the strategy expanding LinkedIn News in 16 countries and 10 languages, establishing a global brand while accounting for local specificities
  • Invented LinkedIn's business newsletter Daily Rundown and expanded it into a dedicated product, now reaching 100M+ people in a dozen languages and many more countries, across web, mobile app, email, video and voice-activated devices
  • Iterated with R&D teams to expand reach and engagement, particularly on mobile and email. The Daily Rundown was the cornerstone of a content strategy that gave rise to a $3bn advertising business
  • Partnered with product managers, software engineers, designers, user researchers and fellow editors to conceive and ship many of LinkedIn's iconic content products, including LinkedIn Influencer, Daily Rundown, LinkedIn Lists, the publishing platform open to 700M+ members, editorial curation ("storylines"), mobile app and more...
  • Initiated and implemented revenue-sharing and syndication partnerships for a non-profit newsroom
  • Track record of taking on new ideas and piloting intrapreneurial projects within larger organisations, such as establishing The New York Times in translation at Le Figaro, spearheading LinkedIn's first non-English content product, or co-creating the first major influencer program on any social platform
  • Trained in the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism's entrepreneurial program, including opportunity exploration, community surveying, stakeholder mapping, audience funnels, business models