Writing & editing

  • Fifteen years' journalism experience in print, digital media and podcasting, specialising in global affairs, immigration, tech and business
  • Agile breaking news editor, adept at coordinating journalists across timezones to keep up with rapid news cycles and produce high-quality daily newsletters, podcast and websites
  • Keen editor with a strong eye for story structure, deconstructing how systems work and asking the questions the reader will. Experience editing with both professional and non-professional writers.
  • Piloted, co-wrote and edited for years LinkedIn's Daily Rundown, a business newsletter now reaching tens of millions of readers
  • Produced the daily newsletter 5 days a week under tight deadlines, including research and writing on business, finance, management and tech, in time for US morning readers and in coordination with colleagues across Asia, Europe and North America
  • Experience writing longform, breaking news, scripts, newsletters, etc.