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Isabelle Roughol
Isabelle Roughol

Dear listeners, readers and members,

I am chuffed to bits (yes, the Brits got me) to be introducing the new home of Borderline at www.borderlinepod.com.

This started out as a because-I'm-bored lockdown project. Unoriginal, I know. But Borderline has bigger ambitions now. This new site is the right home for it. I plan to be writing a lot more (perhaps podcasting a bit less) on big global ideas as well as on the very practical concerns of multinational living. I want to be close to the news and close to the information you need as global citizens. Please let me know what ideas intrigue you, what information you need and what thinkers you'd like to hear from. This site also now allows for guest writers...  

Read below for more on the new site, but first what you're actually here for.

This week on Borderline...

  • What would it take to create on a planetary level the same fuzzy feelings people have for their country? I revisit my June 2020 conversation with Hassan Damluji in a new and extremely current re-edit.
  • Is Joe Biden's global tax plan the right idea? Can the world really cooperate in the pandemic? Hassan shared an update with me on what discussed last year. Read it here.
  • A passport is the best and most loaded thing you own. Why make a defiantly held passport Borderline's new logo? I unpacked everything we hold in that 32-page notebook.

Coming up next...

  • Raising global teens without the headaches (well, fewer headaches) with Dr Anisha Abraham
  • Beyoncé, Nicholas Cage and 1342 more people worthy of this country: a not-that-silly bit of data journalism

Is this the new Bernie meme? You saw it here first. (This references that.)

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So... what's changing here?

We are leaving Substack behind. Borderline is now powered by Ghost, a not-for-profit, open-source publishing software. It means a better-looking and more customizable website. I will be publishing more often but only invading your inbox once a week. You can now find articles and episodes by topic or search for anything. Log in with the same email you're receiving this on for the full experience. No password required. Members can also access exclusive and early content and comment on every story. There's a new logo too. It's my hand with a lot of work. Here's the thinking behind it.

What changes for you

Nothing. Your email subscription has been ported over. All content archives too. Billing continues as usual for members. One thing is improving – your privacy. I've shunned free software that exploits your data and only selected tools that do not track you. You can read more about it here. This will cost me but is the right thing to do.

Let me know what you think and talk to you next week!


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