I was an editor at LinkedIn from 2012 to 2020, starting as a temp curator and rising to be right hand to the editor-in-chief, in charge of our international expansion.

I joined the platform very early and was instrumental in building its editorial vision, particularly in developing its reach beyond the US and the English language. I built and lead our team of 30+ international editors around the globe, developing an expertise in management, editorial strategy, international growth and product thinking. But for years I also wrote a daily round-up of top business headlines, with just enough back-of-the-envelope analysis to make it fun, and the occasional column. See them all here.

"Isabelle was my right-hand person when we were building the LinkedIn editorial team outside the US. Actually, she was my right hand for everything! I can't think of a decision I made that I didn't first get Isa's wise guidance on. Isabelle has a fine-tuned ability to cut through the clutter and see what's important; to make key decisions (she hired many of our best people and was just as adept at having tough conversations with team members); to engender trust inside the team and among partner groups by always being true to her word; and to just absolutely give every project her absolute all. When Isa joined the team, she committed herself to becoming an expert on not just our true north, but the metrics we'd use to see how we were achieving them. Her self-taught knowledge of how to read, interpret and collect data became the way we evaluated projects and made key decisions. Even better, she then taught the team everything she'd done. Though she left to pursue the writer's life (I understand the allure, but also have seen the pain...), I really hope Isa comes back to management, where she still has so much left to give. I have a feeling she'll be building and growing world-changing orgs before long."
- Daniel Roth, VP and editor-in-chief, LinkedIn

A few navel-gazing essays about my time there:

Some stories and interviews

Coverage of my work at LinkedIn

Over the years, I had the opportunity to both appear in media as a LinkedIn journalist and to discuss our work building a newsroom inside a tech company. Some highlights…

  • The most in-demand employers in the UK and Europe, CNBC [April 2019]
  • LinkedIn brings back human editors, Wired [June 2015]
  • Inside the LinkedIn Newsroom, Global Editors Network [January 2019]
  • Why LinkedIn wants to make original journalism, The Drum [June 2018]
  • LinkedIn muscle son journalisme taillé sur mesure, Les Echos [August 2018]
  • Recrutement: la force de persuasion, la qualité à ajouter sur son CV, France Info [February 2019]